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ilyushin IL-96-400T


The IL-96-400T Cargo/Transport aircraft is a modified variant  of the well known passenger aircraft IL-96-300. The aircraft was developed to take care of Air Cargo Carrier needs and it meets the national and international standards on cargo and ecology requirements.

Compared to the IL-96-300 passenger aircraft the IL-96-400T aircraft design is very contemporary one which  increased its internal fuel capacity it was lengthened by 9.35 m and equipped with new turbofan engines PS-90A1 and improved avionics.

Designed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Moscow, Russia) and manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Voronezh, Russia), IL-96-400T is capable of transporting up to 92 tones cargo to a distance of 5000 Km.

The IL-96-400T aircraft is operated by 3 crew members is equipped with modern avionics which includes six multifunctional color-LCD displays , Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Flight Management System (FMS), Inertial Navigation System (INS), Collision Avoidance System (CAS) including mode “S” transponder, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ( EGPWS) , VHF communications (compliant with ICAO requirements of item 4.7 Appendix 10), and equipment permitting flights in Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM ) conditions.

                                         Cargo Area IL-96-400T 

                                  Spacious Cockpit View of IL-96-400T 

The Crew of IL-96-400T consist of pilot ,co-pilot,flight engineer - additional seat is available for instructor 

                                   Payload vs Range [ IL-96-400T ]

                                    Payload 92 t   <----->   5200 km
                                    Payload 70 t   <----->   7400 km
                                    Payload 62 t   <----->   9000 km
                                    Payload 40 t   <----->   12000 km
                                    Main deck, cubic m      580
                                    Lower deck, cubic m    196 (114+82)

              Beautiful Flight Demonstration of IL-96-400T at MAKS 09


Polet Airlines
Ilyushin aviation complex

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