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S-500 Air & Space Defense System

S-500 Air & Space Defense System

My goal for writing this article is recently there has been lot of press coverage on Russian S-500 Air Defense System ,  many opinions , facts mixed with truth and half truth thrown around to describe the system with many conflicting and contradictory information.

This article on S-500 is not a comprehensive one nor a one stop write-up on S-500 AD system , it is merely a collection of information ( links & quotes ;) collated from official Russian MOD and Almaz Antey Press release/interviews  linked to provide better clarity on S-500 AD system

Many component of S-500 system is under development e.g Radar , C4ISR etc remains classified or specification not reveled hence avoiding these aspect where official information remains unknown.

Official Picture and Sketches of S-500 system reveled by Almaz Antey recently but no specification of these systems were provided.

Launcher S-500 chassis type 77P6-1 MZKT-792 911 (New Calendar Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" for 2015 ) 

Anti-aircraft missile systems S-500 - top-down: 77P6 launcher, radar 96L6-1, radar 77T6, 76T6 radar, para 55K6MA 85ZH6-2 or command and control

40V6MT tower and radar 91N6A (M) anti-aircraft missile systems S-500 

Photo Credit : Almaz Antey Design Bureau & Military Russia  ( )

S-500 Missile System [ MOD & Almaz Antey Excerpts ]

1 )  The main requirements for the S-500 SAM system are: an increased capability to destroy ballistic targets (medium-range ballistic missiles, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles) at an interception altitude of up to 200 kilometers and flight speed of up to 7 kilometers per second, and a capability to destroy warheads of hypersonic cruise missiles, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Work on the S-500 SAM system is going on scheduled. The work is part of the state armament program and will be completed before 2020," Ostapenko said.  Interfax    
Almaz Antey

2 ) Major-General Alexander Golovko the aerospace defense forces under the current state armaments program until 2020 will buy five sets of S-500. The system is capable of hitting not only ballistic, but also aerodynamic targets (aircraft, helicopters and other air targets), as well as cruise missiles. VZ News

3 ) S-500 is a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems and is a universal set of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased potential missile defenses capable of intercepting ballistic missile warheads, flying at a speed of 7 km / s.  Prospective Air Defence Missile will be able to intercept not only ballistic, but hypersonic and aerodynamic targets (aircraft, helicopters, other aircraft objects). Medium-range air defense missile systems "Vityaz" is to replace the legendary "S-300 SAM." With new construction principles Vityaz significantly increased its combat potential in both spatial capabilities and performance goals and physical destroyed. Starting serial deliveries of the system is expected in the near future "- said the former" Red Star "Deputy Commander of the Aerospace Defence Air Defence Major General Kirill Makarov. MOD Press Red Star

4 )
This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.  "The work on the creation of a promising inter-service antiaircraft missile systems of the fifth generation of the S-500, which will ensure the defeat of the aerodynamic and ballistic targets of all types at all altitudes combat use," - he said.  Itar-Tass

5 ) RG: Q  In space, too, would be nice to have such a barrier. he will provide the S-500?

Popovkin: This is the most important weapons - missiles. Because ninety percent of the pledged in the S-400 there will be - on technology, command centers, all other things. It (S-400 ) is still, in my opinion, till 25-30 years it will be modern. But a new, more "vigorous" rocket do need to be able to contend not only with the tactical, operational and tactical, strategic missiles, but also hit warheads flying at a speed of 7 kilometers per secondRossiya Gazetta ( RG ) 
V Popovkin : Deputy Defense Minister

6 ) S-500 will be able to simultaneously hit 10 ballistic targets with near orbital velocity. Told reporters on Air Force Commander, Lieutenant General of the Russian Federation Viktor Bondarev. He recalled that at the S-500 is tasked with responding to a number of new weapons for the class of tasks, primarily related to ensuring the defeat of both existing and future air and space attack, including in near space.

"S-500 will provide cover specific regions, cities, industrial facilities and priority strategic objectives. System will be capable of detecting and simultaneously hit up to 10 ballistic targets flying at a speed of 7 km / s, as well as warheads hypersonic cruise missiles. in its combat capabilities of S-500 is much higher than the standing now armed with S-400 "Triumph" - said the commander in chief. He said that in the S-500 is supposed to apply the principle of separation tasks destroy ballistic and aerodynamic purposes. "The main objective of the system - the fight against warheads medium range ballistic missiles, and if necessary and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase and, within limits, in the middle part (mid-course )," - said General Bondarev.
S-500 will be able to simultaneously hit the 10 ballistic targets with almost the first cosmic velocity - Air Force Commander

 "By analyzing the existing technological advance and the momentum to solve problems facing developers - continued Air Force Commander - we estimate the prospects for the creation of the S-500 in a timely manner and in quantitative terms, the state program of armaments for the period up to 2020 as a very high" . "Although these issues are not perfect surprises," - he added.  ( S-500   Dec 2012 )

7 )  Q  Well, I congratulate you and sailors to this event, but still lets an S-500. The various sources of the concept of "system S-500" is interpreted in different ways. Moreover, even air and missile defense experts are confused in the testimony: what kind of system is it different from a S-400? I would like to hear the opinion of a professional.

- For obvious reasons, I can not tell you all the details. Nevertheless, I will answer: a completely new, not something in common with the S-400 system, since its design uses different from those used in the S-400 solutions. They allow you to implement tasks to be undertaken by means of a system on a different qualitative and quantitative level. And while we're on the topic of "what it is like", then I open another secret. In the guise of a new system, you will not find the same physical similarity, which is at the S-300 and S-400. Moreover, the results of our work is not a typical AAMS in its usual representation. It's more than that. We have always tried not to give the characteristics of the best world standards, I hope that this will be achieved in this project.   Interview With Almaz Chief 2011

8 )  The S-500 is a new generation of anti-aircraft missile systems and is a universal set of long-range and high-altitude interception with increased potential missile defense system capable of intercepting warheads of ballistic missiles flying at a speed of 7 km / s. Prospective AAMS will be capable of hitting not only ballistic missiles, but also hypersonic, as well as aerodynamic targets (aircraft, helicopters and other air targets). Red Star

9 )  As for the anti-aircraft missile system S-500, it is definitely clear that it is entrusted with the solution of a number of new weapons for this class of problems, primarily related to ensuring the defeat of both existing and future air and space attacks, including in near space.

In this anti-aircraft missile system is supposed to apply the principle of separation tasks destroy ballistic and aerodynamic purposes. The main task of the complex - the struggle with the combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles and, if necessary, and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase of flight and, within certain limits, in the middle section.  Red Star

10 ) "S-500 is now in development, we know that not far off when it will be put into service and will go to equip the troops. It is a new word is to develop air defense systems, because before that the missile defense system developed separately, and air defense systems - separately. Here the system is being developed jointly and in a single-loop command and control will be possible as the fight against ballistic purposes (intercontinental ballistic missiles) and aerodynamic targets, "- said K.Makarov in the program," the General Staff "on radio RSN. Arms-Expo

11 ) "In the future, the S-500 is planned to merge with Russia's only missile defense system A-135, standing in the defense of Moscow and part of the central region of the country. In the near future to replace the latter should come a new missile defense system A-235," - says the publication .  Ria Novosti

12 )  The creators of System A-135. General Designer of A-135, Anatoly Bassistoff stated that "the system has shown significant reserves in all respects." "High-speed interceptor missile can carry Lyuleva 53T6 defeat ballistic targets at ranges of 2.5 times larger and at altitudes of 3 times larger than we currently have certified them. Military InformantZA

13 ) S-500 Interview

"MIC": When our armed forces will receive the first set of the latest generation of air defense missile systems S-500? How many army divisions of these systems can get to 2020?

- The long-term anti-aircraft missile system S-500 is under development, its adoption into service is planned until 2020. The timing and amount of deliveries of S-500 to the troops planned in accordance with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to ensure the completeness of species and genera of the Armed Forces with modern weapons, military and special equipment. They will maintain the necessary level of combat effectiveness and objectives for air defense, concentrating its efforts on critical strategic sites.

"MIC": About this system is known not so much. What are the performance characteristics it will have?

- Anti-aircraft missile system S-500 will be able to solve the problem of the destruction of short-range missiles, medium-range missiles, as well as targets in near space.

As a guide tell you that in the S-500 is supposed to apply the principle of separation tasks destroy ballistic and aerodynamic purposes. The main task - fighting combat equipment of medium-range ballistic missiles and, if necessary, and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the terminal phase. Anti-aircraft missile system will affect both hypersonic aircraft and cruise missiles at low altitudes.

C-500 will provide cover for some large cities, industrial facilities and priority strategic objectives. In its combat capabilities AAMS will be significantly greater standing now armed with S-400 "Triumph" and its foreign counterpart - the American THAAD.

By promising the S-500 system to meet a series of requirements. This extended range of speeds and facial features of the targeted objectives, improving immunity, expansion affected areas, unification, integration with other types of firepower and air defense missile systems. Also, it must have the maximum possible mobility, the ability to operate in all weather conditions and operate effectively in the use of funds to overcome air defense, missile defense.

14 )  "Currently, the corporation is developing the next, sixth-generation radio communications resources for completing the various types of military technology, including air-to-surface missile systems – those already present in the armed forces and those that will be in the future," said a representative of the Russian defense industry, noting that the future S-500 surface-to-air missile system is one of them.

"The equipment will have completely new potential and will significantly increase the quality, range, protection and stealth of communications. Sixth-generation communications technology will be created within the next two years," said the representative.  S-500 Sixth Generation Communication System


Information reveled by Russian MOD Official and Almaz Antey which is the parent organisation which has designed S-500  Air & Space Defence System , S-400 among others.

S-500 is designed from ground up to intercept  Air Breathing Targets , Ballistic Targets ( ICBM , IRBM , SRBM ) and LEO Satellite this is keeping in with the tradition of Russian AD system to be multirole system.

S-500  Range though officially has not been reveled but the general known characteristic of the system  is 600 plus Km Range with known Near Space Capability of Interception.

Near Space is a term used by Almaz Antey to describe interceptor space interception capability , S-400 newest 40N6 Long Range Interceptor Missile has Near Space Interception Capability of 185 km in Altitude but limited in intercepting targets flying at  top speed of 4.8 km/Sec.

Two new Long Range Interceptor the 77N6-N and the 77N6-N1 are under development with Inert Capability ( Hit to Kill HTK ) and seperation warhead , it is not known if both the interceptor will have capability to intercept air breathing and space target  or two different interceptor will have its own unique capability i.e one of Air Breathing targets and other for LEO/ICBM type target

S-500 Air & Space Defence System as mentioned by Russian Officials will have Terminal Defence Capability at 200 km Interception Altitude for ICBM type targets ( 7 km/sec ) and Mid Course Intercept Capability against IRBM type target flying at higher altitude , S-500 system are capable of Intercepting LEO Satellites with predictable trajectory and  Hypersonic Glide Vehical a key requirement for this new AD system as interception of HGV are order of magnitude more complicated then Missile with ballistic profile , Intercepting Air Breathing Targets like aircraft and cruise Missile are inbuilt in the system.

S-500 is also built as Universal Missile much like S-400 system and its predecessor S-300 , due to its Universal Nature S-500 system will be part of future Russian Ships providing  Air and Space Defense capability similar to land based counterpart.

S-500 does not provide  ABM defence against Midcourse Target Flying at 7 km/sec speed i.e ICBM nor is it designed to provide ABM Defense on a National Scale like US GBI system but is designed to be Mobile and provide  defense against Cities,Key Installation , ICBM Silos etc

S-500 AD system will be integrated with  modernised A-135 system i.e A-135M and the yet under development its successor A-235 system that will provide National ABM System from Static sites.

Modernised A-135M system range has been increased to  2.5x times compared  to current range of 60 km  and altitudes of 3x times greater compared to its current altitude of 30 km of A-135 system as mentioned by its designer  ,nothing much is known on A-235 system

Main characteristics of the S-500 

Max target speed :                    7 Km/sec  ( Mach 21 )
Range:                                        600 km
Altitude:                                     200 km +
Interceptor :                              77N6-N , 77N6-N1      Izvestia
Warhead :                                 Inert , Hit To Kill , Separating Warhead
Type of Target:                         ICBM ,LEO Satellite,Hypersonic Glide Vehical,
                                                   IRBM,MRBM SRBM,
                                                   Air Breathing/Aerodynamic Target,Cruise Missile etc

Target (Terminal Defense - Exo) :        ICBM ,LEO  ( ~ 200 km )
Target (Mid Course Defense - Exo ) :  IRBM, MRBM, SRBM
Target ( Endo-Atmosphere )        Hypersonic Glide Vehical , Air Breathing Targets ,
                                                        Cruise Missile, Aerodynamic                                                       
Radar:                                           AESA  X-BAND Almaz Antey Anual Report 2010
Missile Guided:                            10  Interceptor  ( targets at near orbital velocity )                             


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