Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tu-334 Beauty Comfort and Power

Tu-334 is one of the most beautiful aircraft from Tupolev stable. It is designed to carry about 100 passengers out to a range of nearly 3000 Km.

 Key feature of this aircraft are

  • Designed to operate in extreme climate of CIS countries.
  • Performance of flights under visual and instrument meteorological conditions, on any airways, over water areas, non-reference terrain and Arctic area.
  • Compliance with Chapter IV, ICAO regarding noise level , allowing it operate from any airport in the world specially in Europe due to stringent noise and emission regulation.
  • Low fuel consumption and high comfort.

Tu-334 Flight Display at MAKS 2007

Unfortunately for Tu-334 it was like a child which died just after it was born , United Aircraft of Russia ( UAC ) a conglomerate of all aircraft development in Russia has decided to cancel the project and  support Sukhoi SuperJet-100  ( SSJ ) program , since the latter was internationally more competitive.

A sad end to a rather beautiful and promising aircraft from Tupolev

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